There are times when we all get stuck in a situation, relationship, or problem that we just can’t seem to solve on our own. Many of us decide to wait, hoping things will eventually work out.

Some people think that coping is a matter of hard work and if they persevere they’ll be OK. Or they decide that things are beyond their control, and give up. If you knew of a way to find solutions and become empowered in the process, wouldn’t you try?

But when you’re alone—especially in the middle of the night with nothing to distract you from your distress—then what?

When I was in my 40's I took a good hard look at myself and realized that I was living a lie. It was a really weird feeling because I was actually ‘happy’ in a wonderful, loving relationship. My children were doing great and I was helping my husband with projects that mattered to me. It felt right because it suited my unpredictable health with MS. I should have been thrilled!

When I actually looked deeper inside myself, however, I felt unfulfilled; something was missing. I’d been telling myself I should settle; my MS would always be an obstacle to anything more.

Boy was I wrong!

While I was still reeling from this realization I came across an article on life coaching—something I’d never heard of before. By the time I’d finished reading I knew that this was what I’d been waiting for. It’s what I was born to do.

I went at it full speed ahead, working with a private coach and studying at a top coaching school. I was terrified at first, consumed by self-doubt but I also knew in my gut that it was now or never.

Coaching helped me tame that destructive inner voice that had kept me down for so long, insisting I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to go out on my own.

With my new skills, life was never the same. I watched as a powerful and passionate new version of me came to life.

Life coaching is an incredible process that transforms your perspective and changes your habits. You can change your whole life with your coaching partner at your side, supporting and pushing you higher the whole time.

Today my coaching practice is thriving. I serve clients individually and in couples. They are men and women of all ages and with these things in common:
– they want more out of life;
– they’re ready for change;
– they’re acutely aware that life is short and precious;
– it’s up to them to make it a success.

Our conversations are confidential. I’m honest, direct, sensitive and non-judgmental. Contact me to schedule a FREE 45 MINUTE consultation to get acquainted and see if this is right for you.

Free Ebook

Free eBook!

Next to your health nothing is more important in your life than your relationships. The KEY to happy relationships is good communication. Download my free eBook 'Communicate With Confidence' and enjoy deeper, more satisfying and loving relationships than you ever imagined.



Good communication is key to every healthy relationship. It nurtures feelings of love, admiration and respect. Bad communication tears relationships apart, and you with it.

Chronic Illness

Whether you or your partner is diagnosed with a chronic illness you’re both likely to feel confused, angry or frustrated that there isn’t a clear answer. You don’t know what’s going to happen or how it will impact your family. Life changes for everyone. You aren’t just dealing with physical challenges but emotional ones as well and it can put a strain on your relationship.


One on One Coaching

We work together as partners. At our first session we clearly identify a topic or goal you want to achieve. This comes from the part of your life in which you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed.

From Caroline’s Mentors

I had the pleasure of working with Caroline throughout her Integral Coaching™ training. As a coach, Caroline has shown considerable ability and competence. Her strengths include rigour in her design of coaching programs, a strong commitment to the client and formidable intuitive acumen, all of which have helped her clients succeed in their individual quests. I do not hesitate to support her in her endeavour as a life coach!


Wiebke Merck
[Integral Coach™]
Ottawa, Canada
Integral Coaching Canada
Elbe Coaching
['Integral Coach' is a trade-mark in Canadaowned by
Integral Coaching Canada Inc, and licensed to Wiebke Merck]

As a consultant and executive coach, I have had the opportunity to work closely with some of the most powerful women in business, politics and leadership. And while each of these women is unique, they typically share a deep commitment to excellence, and a laser-focus on serving their clients: that's what creates their long term success. Caroline Courey is no different. When she commits to a new client, she commits 100%, holds the space for her clients to move beyond the traumatic events or challenging circumstances that have held them back, and ultimately redefine a bright future.


Eleanor Beaton
Founder, Fierce Feminine Leadership
Women's leadership expert

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Jennifer A Smith

The best way I can describe the work Caroline does is she fixes people from the inside out. I did not know how to feel, I did not understand it, and with her coaching methods she was able to reach deep inside of me and help me to understand my feelings. I am truly grateful to Caroline and highly recommend her.


Jennifer A Smith
Real Estate Broker
Montreal, Canada


Caroline is a very seasoned coach whose expertise and wisdom I trust, and that’s rare – I shopped around until I found the right fit in terms of personality, qualifications and experience… and I’m pretty fussy. I have never made so much progress with any other counsellor or coach. On both long-term family related issues and corporate career progression, her guidance and activities she put together in a tailored program for me was highly effective. The effects of her program will stay with me for years to come. I’m delighted with the work we did together.


Digital Strategist
Dublin, Ireland

C. Pearson

Caroline: I have been facing many extremely difficult challenges with abusive people throughout my life and I must tell you that I would not have been able to do what I am doing now if I would not have been with you. You helped me like no one did. You helped me understand why I made the choices I made and how I got so stuck. Now I realize that I truly can live a better life and that I have the power to make it happen.


C. Pearson
Montreal, Canada

Vincent Maranda

Caroline: you truly have a gift as a life coach. I was at a crossroads and learned a lot about life and myself with your input and wonderful insights. You certainly have a gift of seeing things right away and knowing where effort should be made to achieve personal growth.

I am grateful you worked with me during this transition. I trust my intuition more and live more in the present moment.

Thanks for having been there.


Vincent Maranda
Corporate Lawyer
Hudson, Quebec

Maya G.

I have made several positive changes in my life since attending coaching with Caroline. She is warm, caring and I felt I can tell her anything and she won't judge… I feel lucky to meet her and I would recommend her to anyone seeking support, change or growth… Thank you Caroline.


Maya G.
Interior Designer
Montreal, Canada