The Author

Caroline Courey was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 and two years later established her “Personal Power” workshop, offering MS sufferers a place to learn about the disease and a forum in which to explore its effect upon their lives and relationships.

The eager response of the participants soon convinced her of the need for general education about the effects of diseases like this on the family. She decided to commit some of their stories as well as her own experiences to paper, resulting in the release of Crossed Signals in 2000.

Ms. Courey is lobbying school boards, visiting schools and speaking to classes with the aim of making Crossed Signals required reading in high schools, so that it becomes a forum for students and their teachers. A divorced mother of four children (6, 13, 17 and 20 years) Ms. Courey is a dynamic and skillful speaker who relates easily to people of all ages. Teenagers often welcome her as a peer.

Caroline is also the co-founder and Associate Director of Quiet Mind Seminars where she brings her boundless drive to getting the message out about meditation and mindful reflection, and works closely with her husband Stephen Schettini to help interpret Buddhism in the most relevant, practical and contemporary ways.

In 2007 Caroline became a workshop leader for the My Toolbox program run by the MUHC (McGill University Health Centres) in Montreal, Quebec. This program led by trained volunteers with chronic conditions is designed to help individuals develop the skills needed to better manage the day-to-day challenges of living with a chronic health condition.