One on One Coaching

We work together as partners. At our first session we clearly identify a topic or goal you want to achieve.  This comes from the part of your life in which you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed.

Throughout the process, we discuss all the relevant information and issues; we create and implement strategies, weigh different options and possible solutions and gradually ease into the next step moving forward.

We normally meet in person, by phone or Skype every two weeks for an hour-long coaching session. In between, you spend an average of 10-15 minutes a day on practices and observation exercises.

This structure enables you to maintain focus on what you really want; at the same time you’ll be doing something about it. I’ll hold you accountable, encouraging you and gently pushing you forward so that you’ll follow through and do what’s necessary to succeed. With this kind of support you make progress!

Brief consultations are also available between sessions by e-mail.

Minimum duration for private one on one programs is 4 months or 8 meetings.