I was lucky and privileged to use and profit from Caroline’s Life Coaching services. To go see her was one of the best decisions of my life!

Caroline excels in her profession. She is “perspicace,” empathetic and helped me discover the impact of some crucial elements from my past, which were essential to improve my situation.

Being a fantastic active listener, she developed well-structured and targeted practices, according to my own needs.

Caroline is an extraordinary person and life coach. She helped me to realize my objective, guiding me and judiciously analyzing my progress. I could never have done this by myself.

I trust her completely and I have faith in her talent, experience and success. I truly recommend her for any problem or issue you may have.

Lise Quintal
Retired Teacher

I met with Caroline at a time when I was finding it too painful to live with myself. A lifelong problem was growing more deeply problematic. Years of therapy had been unable to move me forward. I couldn’t even see what needed changing in my life!

Caroline’s tools led me immediately toward change. She is non-judgmental, funny and mindful. Custom homework between each meeting addressed new events as they came into my life.

I will continue in the future with Caroline. I am so grateful I came to know her. Between Life Coaching and her husband’s Quiet Mind meditation workshop, it’s the perfect gift to give to yourself.

Consultant Director

When I first heard the term Life Coaching, I was confused. I thought, why do I need help with my life, I’m living aren’t I? I have thoughts and emotions, is that not life? Allow me to explain that their is a big difference between living and having a life; a life you could be proud of, a life you cannot wait to commence every morning from where you left off at the previous night.

Prior to Caroline, I was an emotional mess, roller-coasters of up’s and downs, mostly downs that would take me for a ride several times a day. Going from happy to sad was a regular occurrence for me, several times a day, an hour even. Stress filled my capacity for daily thoughts and the only way to escape was to hide from yourself. Yourself will always find you….GUARANTEED!

Caroline understood what I was going though, she showed empathy and kindness from the very beginning as of our first session together, she told me, we had a plan to get me out this dark hole I was in, through this, I was given confidence.

Nothing was too big or too small to conquer and to deal with, all of the practices that I was given were unique to me and were broken down so nothing was overwhelming. Everything made so much sense in those practices, I would always eagerly await them and upon reading them, I would light up in a smile. It was not always easy completing them as they do require you to think and to be self-aware of what is going on around you and inside of you, however, work at them and you will see change is possible from within.

Now I walk around proud. I have changed the way I react to incidents that go on around me. And Most of all, I am happy, Genuinely happy.

If you are currently like the old me, walking around with a dark storm cloud over your head, I urge you to try Life Coaching with Caroline Courey, you have nothing to lose but that cloud.

Andrew S Goldberger

I believe that there are angels here on Earth to help you through difficult times in your life, and Caroline is one of them! I was going through a very hard time about a year ago; depressed and confused, I couldn’t see what was really going on in my life. Working with Caroline brought me a tremendous sense of awareness and strength. She helped me see things for what they were, and gave me tools to do so. I strongly recommend Caroline as a life coach. No matter what obstacles you may encounter big or small, she will help guide you and teach you a NEW WAY to look at yourself, your life and whatever you’re going through. There is hope, you just have to show up and do the work. 🙂


I’d gotten off the train I’d been riding and left all that baggage behind, was starting from square one, picking up the pieces of my life. I brought them to Caroline, we, I say we, because we quickly became a team. Coach skillfully crafted those pieces into a program for me, and I had homework. Gradually a change, I found clarity, focus, mindfulness, I started where I was, used what I had, and did what I could. Life can be so hard, but only I could make it right. Of course Caroline helped, she helped me get to the bottom of my song, and when it got sounding good by me, I started singing. Life can be so hard, but only YOU can make it right.

Peter B. Jones,

Caroline helped me in ways that I never thought possible. There was nothing magical about it, it was all perfectly grounded. She just knew I could be the way I wanted, and helped me realise it too.

Joseph (Teacher)
Hudson Qc

I went to see Caroline after feeling I was being pulled in three possible directions in my life. I felt overwhelmed, but did not want to give up anything that I loved doing. Caroline proved to have a gift for listening, pooling all the information, seeing the big picture and assisting me in identifying the source of problems. She helped me see the situation from a different perspective, which incited me to make some real changes and gain some balance. In the end, I was able to get rid of a few things in life that I truly was not enjoying and just focus on what I love. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone ready to make changes, but needing some guidance and objectivity to do so.

Traci Williams
Semantech Communications

Caroline helped me identify the positives and negatives in my behaviour in ways that proved difficult for me alone. Using the practical tools of coaching, she encouraged me to clarify my situation, apply my strengths and move on to a better place. Caroline’s dedication to me through her program was instrumental in guiding me with just the right balance of caring and objectivity. The program she designed was tailored to just what I needed, and I credit her and her skill in the collaborative process for my success from day one through to the completion of the program.

Ingrid Holmes
Manager, Clinical Operations
MDS Pharma Services
St. Laurent, Quebec

Caroline Courey has worked with me on several projects over the years and aided me in making shifts in my life that had long eluded me. With her help I overcame a poor sense of worth and an awkward tendency to withdraw from people. I became a successful teacher and public speaker. In parallel ways she helped me change my approach to creative writing, something of great importance to me. My compositions were formerly dry and detached, but I learned with Caroline to relinquish my reserve, abandon my pretences and express myself emotionally. Without compromising objectivity and narrative, I learned to be vulnerable. Without this new honesty, my memoir The Novice would lack the popular appeal and clear storytelling for which it’s been praised.

From the very beginning I noticed Caroline’s exceptional empathy and insight. In the intervening years, she has attended hundreds of my Mindful Reflection workshops with an aptitude that appears to be instinctive. If you believe in and are willing to work for change, but are stumped by the complexity of your own ambitions, as so many of us are, Caroline can help. I recommend her without reservation.

While making these fundamental changes in my life, Caroline and I became business partners, then husband and wife. So, I can hardly claim the foregoing paragraphs are entirely objective, but I can promise they’re heartfelt and simply true. Indeed, Caroline has made an honest man of me, something nobody else in fifty-eight years has ever achieved.

Stephen Schettini, Director
Mindful Reflection Workshops

[Testimonial from a reader of Crossed Signals]

Crossed Signals turned into a consciousness-raising exercise regarding multiple sclerosis-an illness I had kept out of my awareness (unintentionally, of course).

Reading the book was an awakening.

In addition, Crossed Signals brought home to me (more than ever before) the need to focus on the role of the entire family in the process of coping with a disease. This increased awareness will add to my own Coping Skills Workshop, I am sure.

From a literary point of view (you may recall that I am a teacher of literature), the book is a success. It is well written and effortlessly put together (or so it seems), and its reading engages us while taking us on a journey. The imaginary people we confront are “real” in the sense that we easily identify with their joy as well as their sorrow.

Finally, a word about the epigraphs heading every chapter. What an idea! They read like a sub-text addressing two essential ingredients of the human experience (as essential as suffering): beauty and wisdom. Clearly, it is a sub-text that masterfully complements the main text.

(April 17, 2007)
Z. Nelly Martinez (Author)
Professor of Literature (retired)
McGill University